Alpaca duvets

About Alpacas

Alpacas are wonderful creatures. They originated in South America and belong to the Camelid family.

Alpaca fleece is a luxury natural fibre which is highly prized for its thermal qualities – which make it so perfect in alpaca duvets.

It looks shiny and feels soft, smooth and silky.

Alpacas live a long time – usually between 15 – 20 years.

They’re highly intelligent, social creatures which prefer to live in herds, rather than alone. When you’re near a group of alpacas you can often hear them talking to each other by making a soft, humming sound. Although when they’re cross about something you might hear them spit!

As well as making luxurious Alpaca Duvets, Alpacas make great pets with their gentle ways and temperaments. They don’t bite or butt and adore children.

They’re even clean in their personal habits in their paddocks or fields. They like to use only one or two areas to deposit their droppings, making it very easy to clean up after them (plus it’s non-smelly and amazing fertilizer!) They have soft pads on their feet very similar to dogs which means they don’t churn up the ground like some other animals.

They are very eco-friendly eating only the tops of the grasses and plants. Very cleverly, they have no top front teeth in their mouths so they do minimal damage to the plants which keep on growing to provide their food source.

A “mum” alpaca is pregnant for 11.5 months. The baby alpaca is called a “Cria” and will weigh around 5 – 9 kgs.

Alpacas are shorn once a year to collect the  fleece that goes to make an Alpaca duvet which will produce an average yield of 2 -3 kgs of luxurious fibre. Each individual fibre is hollow at the core making it very light weight. Millions of pockets of air become trapped inside the fibres, causing them to warm up very quickly and stay insulated for longer. Add to that its low moisture absorbency rate and outstanding wicking properties and you can see why sleeping under an alpaca duvet offers lightness, softness, comfort and warmth to give you a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

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