Baavet Wool Bedding


What makes Baavet wool duvets and bedding special?

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  • Baavets are made in the UK by skilled crafts people whose experience of wool goes back generations:
  • The wool is individually sourced from British farmers.
  • The Baavet uses the finest quality cambric cotton which comes from one of the oldest trading cotton merchants in Manchester. It has a 250 thread count and its then calendared which means its passed through heat rollers to shrink it. So its almost waterproof, making it totally fibre proof. It's similar to the cotton used in the most expensive down duvets.
  • Our wool is graded for Baavet in Halifax by one of the oldest wool merchants in Yorkshire
  • The wool is then gently washed for Baavet in Dewsbury. There are no harmful chemicals used and the wool isn’t bleached which would destroy the important scales on the wool fibres.
  • The wool then goes to a traditional Yorkshire Mill in Huddersfield it’s carded (combed) to a very fine degree taking it back into the state that it is on the sheep. It's then professionally quilted on amulti needle quilting machine.
  • And finally, tucked away under the ancient walls of Harlech Castle, using ex Laura Ashley seamstresses, the Baavets are individually made. - a truly British product
  • Even the presentation bags, the embroidery, the boxes and all of the printing, in fact just about everything is British, or sourced in the UK
  • Baavet - - a truly British product and a truly world class product. 

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