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Natural Bedding – Alpaca Wool Guide

Alpacas are part of the Camelid group of animals which includes Camels, Alpacas, Llamas, Guanacos and Vicunas. Native to the harsh conditions of the Andes region of South America for over 10,000 years, the Alpaca is often called “The Fibre of the Gods” because the Incas kept the finest alpaca fleeces to dress their royalty. Alpaca was first exported into England in 1800s and Queen Victoria became a firm fan, often wearing dresses made from alpaca wool.

Special breeds of alpaca farmed in the UK that produce some of the best wool duvets:

The huacaya (pronounced wa kai a) - the huacaya alpaca has a dense, crimped and fluffy coat, which looks soft and cuddly, like a teddy bear!  

The rare suri suri (pronounced surrey) – the suri alpaca has long flowing locks that hang from its’ body, which look very elegant, and sway as it walks. 

Benefits of alpaca wool duvets

Alpaca wool duvets  have a unique luxurious softness and fineness which means no prickly feathers or itching against your skin. Many people believe it feels softer than the finest cashmere. 

Alpaca wool duvets are strong , resilient and long-lasting. You get many years of use from alpaca wool products.

Alpaca natural bedding is amazingly warm! Alpaca wool has hollow fibres containing millions of microscopic air pockets which give it exceptional insulating ability. Alpaca duvets and bedding give a wider comfort range of 50 degree F against 30 degrees F in wool and 20 degrees F in synthetic materials.

Alpac bedding is great value for money because you need only one alpaca duvet for all the year round comfort. It keeps you dry, warm and comfortable whatever the temperature by naturally wicking away moisture from your body. 

Alpaca wool's hollow fibre structure makes it lighter in weight than man-made fibres , feathers and most wool, making it more comfortable, particularly for anyone suffering from joint problems.

Alpaca wool duvets are hypoallergenic. Alpacas are very clean animals so their fibre can be cleaned without using any of the toxic chemicals used in the production of other materials. Also, it contains no lanolin or grease which means that no dust or mites get trapped in the fibre, making Alpaca wool duvets  ideally suitable for anyone, including babies, who have allergies, asthma or sensitive skin.

Alpaca bedding is naturally fire retardant – it’s more flame resistant than synthetic fibres and won’t melt on your skin in the case of a fire. It simply turns to ash.

Alpaca wool duvets are easy to care for – simply shake your bedding and hang out in the fresh air occasionally, especially on those rare, hot, sunny days! That means no dry cleaning chemicals or energy and water waste.

Alpaca bedding is good for your pocket!  It's strong and resilient and long-lasting, giving you many years of use without needing to be replaced.

Alapaca bedding is good for the planet!  If you ever decide to replace your alpaca wool duvet, it’s 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Even better, the alpaca wool duvets we sell are approved by the UK Vegetarian Society. They live entirely on pasture grass, low-protein hay and water and their manure is a prized fertiliser. The alpacas from their specialist UK producers are used exclusively for their fleeces or as gentle, loveable pets.

Alpaca bedding is good for the economy! Buying alpaca helps small, specialist breeders who are passionate about developing and raising sustainable flocks of alpaca for the highest quality fleeces which are eco-friendly and bring great value to you, the customer.

Here are two very impressive testimonials about the benfits of Alpaca Duvets from Penrose Products:

“Although much of my work focuses on helping people get better sleep, I do have some experience of poor sleep occasionally; as does my wife. I have often suffered from extreme heat at night, frequently waking feeling very hot. Often I wake to find my bed sheets wringing wet. Independently, my wife is now approaching menopause and often has sudden hot flushes. Between us, it is not uncommon for us to experience poor sleep as a result. Until recently, we both had two pillows with synthetic fibre fillings. Through my professional networking, I discovered Paul Whittey at Penrose Products. He told me about his pillows, filled with alpaca hair. I had not previously considered natural fillings, as I suffer from a number of animal allergies. Over the past few months, my wife and I tried one alpaca pillow each. I was immediately impressed at the comfort and support provided by this single pillow. To my surprise, I also did not experience any allergic reaction to the alpaca hairs in the pillow. Quite soon, my wife and I noticed that we were sleeping a lot more soundly. I personally experienced no further outbreaks of night sweats, and my wife reported feeling much cooler at night. This continued for many weeks and, most notably, through the very hot spell during early July. I can recommend these pillows unreservedly, as someone who has suffered from overheating at night, and as an established sleep expert”.
Dr Andrew Mayers, PhD, MBPsS
Senior Lecturer
Bournemouth University
Psychology Group, DEC  
Poole House, Talbot Campus
"Having a good night’s sleep is so important for children and families and I have been delighted with our wonderful alpaca pillows and duvet set. My daughter constantly woke up in the morning sneezing but that has all stopped since changing over her bed linen. I can’t recommend highly enough the wonderful night’s sleep we all now enjoy thanks to the high quality of Penrose Products."
Sue Atkins
Author of the Amazon best selling book “Parenting Made Easy – How To Raise Happy Children” & the “Sleep Made Easy 3 set CD  “Tools, Tips & Techniques To Help Your Child Sleep Properly”