Wool Duvet Facts

Wool Duvet Facts:
The best wool for wool duvets has a shorter staple which is the length of each individual fibre. It makes the wool soft, springy and traps lots of air,creating outstanding insulation (called 'loft' in the trade). Wool is an extraordinary natural fibre with built in climate control. Just like a wool fleece regulates the body temperature of a sheep,keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter, a wool duvet regulates your body temperature to keep you completely comfortable as you sleep.
Top breeds of sheep for wool duvets:
Bluefaced Leicester
An English Longwool type of sheep with origins near Hexham in Northumberland around a hundred years ago. The Bluefaced Leicester produces outstanding wool for Wool duvets. The wool is fine, long and dense with lustre and is often likened to mohair because of its softness. 
This fleece is often mixed with Blue Faced Leicester as it produces good dense wool of medium quality, especially good for wool duvets and sleep produsts. The Texel originated at the beginning of the 20th century on the island of Texel off the north coast of the Netherlands. It's believed to be the result of  cross breeding the Dutch Polder sheep with several english breeds such as the Bluefaced Leicester, the Lincoln and the Wensleydale.
The Southdown is one of the very oldest breeds of sheep in the UK, taking their name from the South Downs in Sussex where they have been seen since the mid 1700s. They are a hardy, Medium Wool breed with a shorter staple length and dense, resilient fibre, excellent for filling wool duvets.
Welsh Mountain
This much sought after wool is fine, soft and dense with a medium length staple. These sheep were bred many centuries ago to survive in the coldest and toughest of welsh mountain winters. They are hardy and self reliant, as well as being great mums and having a high lamb survival rate even in the harshest of conditions.
The wool from Wensleydale sheep is very long,very curly and very strong! The breed originated in North Yorkshire in the 19th century to create animals with high quality and valuable fleeces from a cross between an extinct longwool breed from the River Tees region and a Dishley Leicester ram named 'Bluecap! 
Not only can the Wensleydale Longwool Breed Association tell us his name but also that he was born in 1839, five miles from the Bedale in North Yorkshire in the hamlet of East Appleton! 
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